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we help navigate the decisions and logistics


  • decrease the feeling of overwhelm

  • reduce stress and provide a sense of control

  • systematic approach for decisions about your possessions

  • services tailored to your downsizing situation

  • active areas of your home

  • storage areas of your home

  • storage units of your possessions



  • sorting /decluttering

  • space planning / floorplans of new or remodeled spaces

  • measure + design Container Store closets for new spaces

  • furniture inventory

  • provide options for selling

  • coordinate shipping

  • manage donations

  • schedule and oversee junk pickups / shredding

  • prepare home for sale

  • move management

  • unpack boxes

  • project management

  • initial Project Assessment Email or Call

  • to schedule initial call or ask questions – Contact Us

  • In-Home On-Site Project Assessment Appointment (1 hour)

  • provide initial project cost and schedule estimates

  • kick-off project and begin your home organization transformation!

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