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The Gift of Time this Holiday Season

Here are five ways to help give yourself the gift of time this holiday season. Explore companies that will:

  1. Mail cards for you – In addition to printing your cards, companieswill mail them for you. If you prefer to include a handwritten note, they will address your cards, stamp your cards and then send them to you

  2. Shop for you – Not only will Nordstorm find you the perfect party attire, but they will also shop and find you the perfect gift – all free-of-charge

  3. Cook for you – Find and hire a personal chef in your area

  4. Mail packages for you – Take wrapped presents into the store, such as Parcel Plus, and they will package everything and ship it for you. In addition, USPS allows you to perform all steps of the mailing process from your home

  5. Decorate and un-decorate for you – They install all holiday lights and take them down after the festivities are over

You can also give others the gift of time. Cocozza Organizing & Design, LLCprovides time management services to help individuals find and organize time in their day. Consider a gift certificate for Time Management Services to help start 2015 productively!

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