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Biggest Disposal Challenges: Paints, Chemicals & Propane Tanks

The biggest disposal challenges when people move are paints, chemicals, and propane tanks; you should not put them in the trash, the movers will not pack or move them and even most of the junk haulers will not take them. Niche companies evolved to address these problems, and these businesses serve the District, Maryland and Virginia (DMV). When you are moving, the last thing you need to do is run another errand, especially with old paints, chemicals, and propane tanks in your car. Here are two companies that will pick up at your home!

Yuck Old Paint picks up the following: latex (water-based, enamel and acrylic) paint, oil-based paints, household cleaners and household chemicals.

Phone: 888-509-YUCK (9825)


Cynch markets itself as a Propane Grill Delivery company, but it will also pickup and take away old propane tanks. While not advertised on its website, Cynch will pick up an old propane tank even if you are not getting a new one. Call them directly to schedule a pickup.

Phone: 888-525-2899


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