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Apply Morse Code Concepts to Time Management

We know Morse code is a communication language which uses dashes and dots. What you might not know is that you can apply the same concept of dashes and dots to effectively management your time.

Dashes – represent tasks that are analytical, creative or require uninterrupted focus

Dots – represent quick, short relatively easy tasks that can be completely in 10 minutes or less

When you’re planning your day (yes, you should incorporate daily planning), review your activities and determine which tasks are dashes and which tasks are dots. Then find those 1 to 2 hour pockets of time in your day and assign that time of day to complete your dashes. During the course of your day, you usually have short, such as 10 minutes, periods of downtime or wait-time when you can complete your quick dot tasks.

This and other time management techniques to create the time to get things done can be found in Julie Morgenstern’s book Never Check Email in the Morning.Don’t let the title scare you; it’s an information-rich book to increase your productivity at work and at home!

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