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Do You & Your Co-Workers Share Digital Files?

Do you and your co-workers share electronic files? Do you constantly have to ask them, where is that file again? Or are people always asking you, where did you save that file? What happens if someone is out sick? Do you struggle to find the right file? If so, this is where a File Plan comes in.

A File Plan for the digital files in your office could be the solution you need! A File Plan is an approach for organizing files based upon a certain structure, providing better control, maintenance and access. It provides the design and framework for a shared filing system. It is a tool that helps staff determine where to file electronic documents and where to find them at a later point in time. It also provides a broad perspective of an office’s activities and how a unit conducts its business.

It is recommended that you organize your files by categories (subjects) and that the electronic folder structure you use be set-up by categories. A File Plan describes each high-level category subdirectory and how it is structured (e.g., chronological, then by type). The File Plan is a reference guide for finding files, and should be available to all staff that use the shared files.

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