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Get Organized (GO) Month! January 2015

Cocozza Organizing + Design, LLC is sponsoring a Sports Equipment Drive

WHAT: Used (or New) Sports Equipment Collection Drive. Drop-off and donate your used equipment

FOR: Leveling the Playing Field ( a non-profit which distributes used/new sports equipment to youth programs, recreational leagues, schools and underserved communities. Helps kids in and around Washington, DC enjoy the benefits of athletic involvement.

WHEN: Friday, December 26th through Friday, January 9th

WHERE: Office of Cocozza Organizing & Design, LLC in Arlington, Virginia

Contact for directions to drop-off or to arrange a pickup for large quantities


1) Get Organized! Free up space in your home, porch, yard, garage, or shed 2) Help Others! Support athletic involvement and opportunities for underserved youth and organizations 3) Support ReUse! Put useful gear back into circulation

Questions? Contact: Heather Cocozza at or 703-276-1243 x2.

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