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Top 10 Attributes of Highly Productive People

The following are what I believe are the top 10 attributes of highly productive people:

  1. Good at Estimating Time – Know how long tasks will take before committing to them

  2. Stop Doing (or Don’t Begin) Lower Priority Items – Say ‘no’ without feeling guilty

  3. Delegate – Know what to delegate and how to delegate

  4. Not a Perfectionist – There is such a thing as “good enough”

  5. Define Goals – Hard to determine where to spend your time, if you haven’t defined your goals

  6. Create Time for Priorities – There are ways to find or create pockets of time for priorities

  7. Break Down Tasks – Projects can be hard to begin if you haven’t broken it into steps

  8. Follow a Schedule – Time-boxing activities and respecting everyone’s time

  9. Work Life Balance – It is easy to burn-out if there is no balance

  10. Prioritize – Need a method for deciding what is most important

If you need help in personally obtaining any of these attributes and increasing your own personal productivity, let Cocozza Organizing & Design, LLC design a solution and plan for you.

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